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STICKY POST: Annotated Masterlist

Newest fics are listed first.

This Masterlist links to LJ entries. All my stories can also be found at Archive Of Our Own.

Disclaimer: My motivation is appreciation. I don't own anything but the plot lines and the time I put into this. Please don't sue me.

Joan's Annotated MasterlistCollapse )

Btw, lately I only use LJ for the occasional comment on a fic. You can find me on tumblr or interact with me on twitter.


I've recently got a new iPhone and when I wanted to transfer my fanfics it didn't seem immediately obvious to me how to do it. I've now figured it out and posted about it on tumblr, but I thought maybe somebody here finds it useful as well:

iBooks is not an ideal situation but if like me you’ve already been reading fanfic in iBooks for years and have hundreds of fics with notes and everything, switching to a new reader is even more of a hassle.

The good news: If you’ve set up your new iPhone by restoring from a backup of your old one (where all your fic notes were) your notes will be transferred. But your books aren’t (necessarily).

The bad inconvenient news: To get your books on your new phone you also have to have them in iBooks on your Mac, which I hadn’t cause that’s not where I wanted to read them so it never occurred to me. (I have no idea how/if this works if you’re using another operating system.)

So here’s what iBooks wants you to do:

  1. Open iBooks and simpy drag and drop all your ebook files into it.

  2. Go to “File” > “Move books from iTunes…”. This will actually move everything in your iBooks library over to iTunes. [Yes, this sounds like the opposite of what it’s doing! I figured this out because of a long discussion in an Apple forum from 3 years ago… So, you know: Usability! Customer feedback! /s]

  3. Plug your new phone into your Mac and open iTunes.

  4. In iTunes click the tiny phone symbol to open information about the contents of your phone.

  5. There will be a menu on the sidebar showing you two entries for Books: first Settings under that On My Device. You want to click on the first one, unter Settings.

  6. There, you chose “Synch Books” and then either “All books” or just “Selected books” (and select the books you want, if you choose the latter).

  7. Apply your changes and voila all the books are on your new phone again, and all your notes will be there too! (If you’ve restored the phone from a backup of a phone that also had the notes!)

This will be done in no time, if you get all your fic from AO3 and definitely already have an ebook file on your computer for each and every fic you’ve read on your phone. And if you really just want all your fic on your phone.

Which leads me to the part where this is actually a PAIN that took me hours!Collapse )

General Limitations of iBooks:

  • You cannot open an Info box the way you can for songs in iTunes. Which makes cataloguing a pain.

  • iBooks (on the Mac) doesn’t tell me how many books I have total or in each category! Like, what the hell? Why?

  • I cannot export anything to a spreadsheet (I just want the bibliographic info, I’m not trying to “steal” the books I’ve bought FFS!!). Which means that every bit of cataloguing I do for my fanfic in iBooks locks me into a shitty system that I nonetheless (seem to) depend upon (for now).

Title: Until He Be Eased
Fandom: Richard II
Characters: Richard II of England, Henry Bolingbroke
Rating: General Audiences
Wordcount: 1909
Additional Tags: Mental Illness, Suicidal Thoughts, grandiose delusions, modern!AU

Doctors told Richard he was one of the patients at The Realm, a respected mental institution, where his grandfather had been a patient before him. But sometimes everything seemed so grand, surely he must be living in a royal palace.

A/N: This was my entry for the 6th Annual Histories Ficathon, where people write fanfiction for Shakespeare's history plays. It was written for highfantastical's prompt "Richard II --- Henry/Richard, in a psychiatric unit. In any sense of that phrase, at any time. Or gen, in this setting - also fascinating."

Until He Be Eased

Histories Ficathon Thank You Fic Recs!

This year I participated in the Histories Ficathon over at thisengland. I will post a link to my own entry shortly. But first: MY GIFTS! :D (Yes, plural. Idek how I got so lucky! ^-^)

Thank you to highfantastical and speak_me_fair for the beautiful stories you wrote for me! <3

A Son Among Thy Sons [1.5k:Teen and up:Richard II, Henry IV] by highfantastical
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Characters: Richard II of England, Henry IV of England, Sir William Bagot, Green (Richard II)
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Boarding School
He turns his mind away from the perspiration under his hair, the strong light, and Henry's desolate concentration -- the look of a man who wants his own side to lose, at least a little, since he is playing for School House, Richard's house, and he thinks that Richard deserves no further victories.

We Three, Kings [1.5k:Gen:Henry IV, Richard II] by speak_me_fair
Rating: General Audiences
Relationships: Henry IV/Richard II, Duke of Aumerle/Richard II, Duke of Aumerle/Henry IV
Characters: Henry IV of England, Richard II of England, Duke of Aumerle (Richard II)
Additional Tags: Canonical Character Death, Canon Compliant, Snowball Fight, Grief/Mourning, Childhood
Three Christmases, four deaths, and the snow.
Coming up with a timeline for the Crescive In His Faculty AU

I read Absolution for thebig24 and some of the listeners wanted to know more about the AU it is part of. When I first discovered this series I spent a very long time trying to find all the stories and putting them in the right order. This wasn't as easy as it sounds. Some of them are on ao3, some of them are on LJ, they aren't all written by the same person; it is all a bit confusing. ;)

These stories cover various pairings and ratings. Links go to ao3 wherever possible, all others go to the_phrensies, a moderated community on LJ dedicated to Shakespeare AUs. (You have to be a member to be able to read NC17 rated stories.)

Without further ado, here are all the stories I managed to find in somewhat chronological order.*

Crescive In His FacultyCollapse )

Pre-canonCollapse )

MoreCollapse )

* If you have additions or corrections I'd love to hear them! :)
Yesterday I hosted a two hour live podficcing slot for The Big 24 charity broadcast. It was fun, exciting and more exhausting than I'd thought it would be.

If you've missed it and are at all interested in what I read there, I've recorded the whole thing and uploaded it to my podficcing blog.

Note: these were all read live in one continuous 2h session! I'm afraid there are places where I stammer or misread things. I hope you enjoy the podfics anyway.

Streaming & download links:
0. The whole 2 hours (with chapter marks for your convenience).
1. Excerpts of Sneedronningen by kathkin [Gwen/Morgana]
2. Brittle Glory by angevin2 [Richard II, Henry IV]
3. Absolution by angevin2 [Richard II/Henry IV. modern!AU]
4. bath!Hug by derryere [Merlin/Arthur]

Thank you so much to arineat for organising the whole event and to angevin2, derryere, and kathkin for granting me permission to read their stories.

ETA1: I just discovered that streaming doesn’t work for any of my posts! D: Download does work, though. Until I’ve figured out how to fix the streaming issue please use the download option.

ETA2: Figured it out. It should all be fixed now. :)


The auction at The Big 24 is now open!

The auction at thebig24 is now open!

Go to the auction masterpost for all the information you need.

Join us on May 25-26th for a 24-hour live broadcast full of multi-fandom fun and entertainment as we try to raise money for HIV/AIDS research.

Currently, we’re looking for volunteers to help out. It could be something as small as helping promote the event to offering fic or art for Quest prizes to hosting an hour of the show. And, of course, there’s donating to the cause. However you can help, we’re happy to accept it. To volunteer, visit our volunteer sign-up post.

To find out more, visit thebig24, or find us on Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr.


Apr. 17th, 2013

Join us on May 25-26th for a 24-hour live broadcast full of multi-fandom fun and entertainment as we try to raise money for HIV/AIDS research.

To find out more, visit thebig24, or find us on Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr.


We invite you to join us for the first round of The Hobbit Prompt Fest at the hobbitstale.

The fest is open to all genres and pairings within The Hobbit universe (book or film). ANYONE can submit a prompt, even if they don't plan on claiming one, and all prompts can be claimed for one fic and one art fill. For more information, click here.

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